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This is the TRAINING website. If you need the PRODUCTION website go here:


**NOTE: If you have not received an email stating that your account has been created,

and that you have a user_id, you do not have access to AOM.

Please contact your OIA or AOM ADMIN and request to be entered

into this (Training or Production) AOM blade for your sector/location.**

New Account or Forgotten Password?

To use this tool, you must have a valid email address in AUXDATA or AUXDATA ORDER MANAGEMENT:

  1. Enter your Member ID
  2. Enter your Username (

    usually, first initial + last name, example: Edgar Allen Poe = EPOE

  3. Click Submit

Member ID :

Username :   

Your account will be unlocked and a new password will be emailed to your first email address shown in AUXDATA - Order Management.

**NOTE: If you have an AUXDATA account and an Order Management account your

username and password are the same. Both will be reset when you use this tool.

Having one account does not however mean you have accounts for both. You

must request access and receive confirmation of creation to access either.**

The system maintenance schedule is as follows :

  • Maintenance window: Daily 0400 to 0700 ( Eastern Timezone )
  • The database might be unavailable during the maintenance window
  • Users should save their work and log off prior to any scheduled downtime
  • The possibility exists that the downtime could exceed the scheduled timeframe

Production Database

None currently scheduled

Production Web Server

None currently scheduled

Training Database

None currently scheduled

Training Web Server

None currently scheduled

Auxdata Order Management is now live for all districts

Release Notes:
Click Here for Notes

Release 1.27.1, Last Updated 11/02/2018

**NOTE: The Auxdata Order Management application runs best using FireFox or

Google Chrome browser. Please use all others at you own discretion.**

Help FAQ

Help FAQ - Answers

AOM needs JavaScript: How do I turn it on?

If you press the Alt key on your keyboard you'll see a toolbar.

For FireFox:

Click Tools then Options.

In the Content Tab check the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox and you're good to go!

For Internet Explorer:

Click Tools then Internet Options.

In the Security Tab click Custom Level.

Check the "Active Scripting" checkbox and you're good to go!

For Chrome:

Click Settings then click Show advanced settings.

In the Privacy Tab click Content Settings.

Select the "Allow all sites to run JavaScript" radio button and you're good to go!

For Safari:

Click Edit then Preferences.

In the Security Tab check the "Enable JavaScript" checkbox and you're good to go!

When you finish enabling JavaScript just hit the F5 key on you're keyboard.

How do I get Firefox?

Click on the link below to goto the Mozilla webpage, then download FireFox.

Click to download FireFox

How do I get Google Chrome?

Click on the link below to goto the Google webpage, then download Chrome.

Click to download Google Chrome

Can I use an IPad/Tablet?

Yes. AOM will work on any device that has an interenet connection and supports modern

web browsers.

*There is a known bug with AOMs month calendar view on the Safari browser (APPLE).

Google Chrome is recommended for Ipad use.*

Where can I get help?

You can contact your OIA or AOM ADMIN. You can also open a help ticket below.

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary National Help Desk